Shaping the Park Lands is an ongoing conversation.

Planning for the future of the City and Park Lands is on ongoing discussion, and we have been listening and learning over the past 5 years since the last Park Lands Strategy was prepared.

Ideas have already been uploaded to this website which have been generated from:

  • Picture Adelaide 2011 – When we asked people what they love about Adelaide and what they want to create and improve
  • 5000+ Integrated Design Strategy (2012): a design-led pilot project for city redesign and renewal for inner Adelaide, which included asking people their ideas for the future of the City, Park Lands an inner suburbs
  • Park Lands Survey – During March 2015 we interviewed more than 500 people about their ideas for the Park Lands

We are currently analysing these ideas and will start to share some of the results as some common themes emerge.

But we’ve learnt much already.

We’ve been listening. So what have learnt?

People are connected to the Park Lands - through the 1,000 stories collected in September 2014 as part of Picture Adelaide 2040 we learnt that five of the top 10 places people are most connected to are in the Park Lands.

The Park Lands are well used – with over 9 million visits annually.

The Park Lands need to respond to some big planning challenges such as:

  • City and inner suburban population growth
  • Climate change
  • Changing demographics
  • Recreational preferences and expectations

There are recurring tensions as that impact on the ability of the Park Lands to respond to the big planning challenges.

What are the issues?

The table below lists the top 10 planning issues that we have heard during past public consultations and during consideration of Park Lands project proposals.

We need your ideas to help us overcome these issues.

Issue Source
Hard to access 5000+ consultation
Not safe 5000+ consultation
Lacking activities and facilities 5000+ consultation
Being unattractive and uninviting (not used or cared for) 5000+ consultation
Extent, nature and scale of built form including level of commercial activity Responses (varying) to development policy changes and building proposals
Level of community access, ownership/ custodianship including access of clubs based in inner-rim Council to sport facilities Consultation with neighbouring Councils
Car parking – on and adjacent Park Lands Adelaide City Council
Governance Local Government Association and State Government
Funding Planning Reform
Management of the National Heritage Values Various

Do you want to be part of the solution?

If you want to be part of the solution and shape the future of the Park Lands, log your ideas on this site.

However if you want to get involved in a rich discussion, we will be discussing the planning challenges and issues as part of a series of on-line forums over the from late April to mid-June 2015.

If you provide us with your email address when you log your idea we will let you know when these forums go live.

To sow the seeds of thought with you, some of our emerging discussion topics are:

A Place for All

How can the Park Lands really become a place for all in the future? What changes need to be made to distinguish them from suburban parks and how can they entice people to live in and near the City?

A Place to Breathe

Are the Park Lands used to their full potential? Should some areas be left alone or does a major transformation need to take place?

A Place to Connect

Are the Park Lands inviting enough for social gatherings? Or do issues such as transport, parking and safety stop you from enjoying the many paths and trails.

A Place of Unique Diversity and Beauty

The Park Lands landscape is extremely diverse, but are you happy with the presentation of our Park Lands? Are there particular areas that require attention?

A Place that Thrives – now and in the future

What methods do we need to put in place to ensure the Park Lands stay healthy? What role should the Park Lands play in our battle with climate change, energy generation and water sustainability?