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Green renewable energy lighting.
Suggested By Garry Morrison Via 5000+
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By using renewable energy lighting to highlight the city's parklands perimeters with green renewable energy lighting. The icon we have of the city in a park could be hightlighted and seen from the air for tourists flying into the city, from planes flying over or from space. It could be used on marketing material as does sydney with the opera house. I propose a green light shining both above and below street lights along the complete exterior of the city's parklands via solar panels. (ie Exterior boundary rd's - greenhill, fullarton, dequetiville, hackney, robe, port, railway line. & Interior tce's - West, south, east, north) We have an icon we just need to show it off!

Kurangga (Park 20)

Kurangga (Park 20) is a diverse park. It is the home of the Glover playground and contains BBQ facilities, public toilets and shaded seating areas making it an ideal location for families.

This park also contains the only designated BMX track in the Park Lands.

What's happening in the park lands?