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Cycling circuit with café
Suggested Via Picture Adelaide 2011
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I want to create a cycling circuit that runs the perimeter of South Tce and Greenhill Rd. The important feature is an uninterrupted track and would go under Hutt St, Pulteney St, Peacock Rd.

The track must be wide enough to cater for recreational and serious bike riders. This track will create a safe and appealing bike space that would attract people to the city. You could also put a small cafe near Marshmallow Park so people could stop and have a coffee. This would be similar to the facilities like they have in Centennial Park, Sydney.

Tuthangga (Park 17)

Tuthangga (Park 17) is home to a wide range of sporting fields and facilities, including several cricket, soccer and touch football fields as well as tennis courts that are used by a wide variety of clubs across the entire year.

This park also contains an abundance of native vegetation that is bisected by paths and trails that allow people to explore the park in any direction.

What's happening in the park lands?