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Designated food 'hub' - let's grow food, cook and eat it together
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I would love to see a designated space, right in the heart of the city, to become a permanent hub, ‘zoned’ for food – how about converting one of the car park sites close to Central Market. With enticing, welcoming areas, it would be a permanent facility for indoor/outdoor workshops. A light, airy, welcoming indoor space for the public to purchase cooking equipment, taste South Australian delicacies, and attend cooking demo’s. Imagine learning from fellow South Australians – migrants from so many countries – about how to cook a favourite, ethnic dish – Indian curries one week, Chinese dumplings the next, Italian pasta, or Vietnamese stir fries! Imagine schools – from pre-school to high school - bringing in classes; businesses bringing in staff for team-building sessions; a cooking celebrity giving demo’s and other professional chefs sharing their culinary skills. In the same area food can be grown outside in containers with space for workshops on how to grow food in small spaces – e.g in courtyards, on balconies, windowsills and containers. It would be an extremely popular venue. Outdoors the public could learn about barbecuing and cooking pizzas in wood burning ovens. Indoors, the welcoming facility would be designed with preparation benches so that the public can prepare food alongside the chef and get close to the cooking and tasting.

Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga

Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga is Adelaide’s geographic centre. Located at the crossroads of King William and Grote-Wakefield Streets, the Square is a main thoroughfare between the city’s north-south and east-west corridors. Thousands of South Australians use Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga, either as pedestrians or commuters, each day.

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