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Decorative flags
Suggested By Mary Via 5000+
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Colourful, vibrant, decorative flags create a joyful, festival atmosphere in any courtyard, laneway or street. Proposals have been made to make Gouger St and/or Grote Street more people friendly – thus both would be ideally suited for flags. Also, pedestrian laneways and squares would be far more appealing if well decorated with artistic flags. I’d like to see such beautiful silk flags, such as those seen at the Womad Festival, adorning our city. The poles are flexible and bend in the breeze. The flag top is held rigid so the flag’s always out, on display, no matter whether there is wind, or not. Artists can collaborate with the public to create an ever-changing display – a wonderful community project!

Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga

Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga is Adelaide’s geographic centre. Located at the crossroads of King William and Grote-Wakefield Streets, the Square is a main thoroughfare between the city’s north-south and east-west corridors. Thousands of South Australians use Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga, either as pedestrians or commuters, each day.

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