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Pedestrian Boulevard
Suggested By Andrew Via 5000+
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Hindley Street and Rundle Street should be converted into a pedestrian malls, creating a 'boulevard' stetching one mile from West Terrace to East Terrace.

In conjunction with the project, Rundle Mall could be upgraded appropriately so that a cohesive appearance and atmosphere is created along the entire pedestrian boulevard.

It will greaty improve the amenitity of Rundle Street to allow the cafes and restuarants to expand their alfresco dining areas so to spill out into the boulevard.

And it will improve safety on Hindley Street for late night and weekend guests as they will be able to travel with comfort and ease, utilising the space at their leisure. This is better than currently traversing along the confines of the existing footpaths, intruding in the space of other unruly revellers.