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Parking Emissions Trading Scheme [PETS}
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Establish a Parking Emissions Trading Scheme [PETS] for Adelaide Oval.

Adelaide Oval is so well placed that even with current public transport getting there without a car should be pretty easy and has the benefits of people having a drink or dinner in the city afterwards. but, people seem to love the convenience of the car.

So maybe let people have their carparks but incentivise public transport. this needs to be explicitly linked so that its not misconstrued as simple revenue raising or a carpark tax perse.

My proposal for PETS would work like this: you could buy a ticket to the footy with a carpark included. the cost of this ticket would then provide free admission to the game for one lucky pedestrian or public transport user. some people would be happy to pay $25 for the privilege of parking at the front door of the Oval but in time they might resent the fact that they have paid the admission for the bloke next to them.

Further, the beneficiary of the free ticket has saved their admission and is likely to spend that money in the city after the game.

In time the public transport will catchup and get better and the benefits of leaving the car behind will be obvious. at this point PETS will die.

Tarntanya Wama (Park 26)

Tarntanya Wama (Park 26) is the home of the newly redeveloped, world class Adelaide Oval. The re-developed oval hosts many major sporting events throughout the year including AFL games from the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Football Club, cricket matches, soccer games and events such as concerts from the Rolling Stones.

This park is also the home of Elder Park and the Torrens lake. The area is a hive of activity for cycling, running and walking. It also hosts several major events throughout the year including Carols by Candlelight and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

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