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Make playgrounds safer - enclose with fencing
Suggested By Melissa Via 5000+
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Playgrounds are wonderful for both children and their carers.

As a parent I care more about safety than the number of play pieces. Please ALWAYS enclose playgrounds with fencing.

(1) To stop our gorgeous little people wandering (yes, parents do keep a close eye on their offspring, but these little people can move quickly at times).

(2) To stop dog walker from bring their dogs through the playground (on or off leash).

(3) As a clear indicator to adults without children that they shouldn’t be in the playground.

ACC has some amazing playgrounds, like Marshmallow Park, the ones along South Terrace as well as the one at the Aquatic centre - all enclosed.

But other nearby councils like Burnside have let the side down with the new playgrounds at Tusmore Park and Hazelwood Park. No fences – and right next to dog walking areas.

With their consultations I gave feedback re fencing but the replies were that it's too expensive. The Hazelwood Park playground was $600,000 yet couldn't afford to keep the dog off leash out (DOGS CAN'T READ SIGNS AND NOR IT APPEARS CAN SOME OWNERS).

At the Tusmore playground launch there was a dog off leash in the playground for 20 minutes and the council didn’t move it on!

Fences make playgrounds safer. It doesn’t need to be a $2,000 a metre fence.

Tuthangga (Park 17)

Tuthangga (Park 17) is home to a wide range of sporting fields and facilities, including several cricket, soccer and touch football fields as well as tennis courts that are used by a wide variety of clubs across the entire year.

This park also contains an abundance of native vegetation that is bisected by paths and trails that allow people to explore the park in any direction.

What's happening in the park lands?