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Water sports on the Torrens
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Activating the Torrens is a brilliant idea, but why not look at extending it to make 2kms of straight water and bring the home of water sports to the city centre? Think kayaking, rowing, dragon boat racing and the thousands of people from throughout South Australia that would now be in our city centre as opposed to Westlakes?

I believe we would also be the only state to have their home of water sports in the city centre (i'd need to check to confirm this, but from memory, Sydney it's Penrith, Melbourne it’s at Albert Park, Perth its Champion Lakes).

What a great way to attract athletes to this state and possibly a reason to come to Adelaide as opposed to leaving it for our younger people.

Bonython Park/ Tulya Wardli (Park 27)

Bonython Park/Tulya Wardli is one of the most popular parks in the Adelaide Park Lands. It plays host to many events across the year including major music festivals.

The playgrounds within this park are unique. The hamster wheel, rope climbing frame and swings are just some of the many attractions that will keep children interested for hours on end. 

What's happening in the park lands?