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Better (greener) use of unused urban space.
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Some more effective use of urban space could be great. Laying a square of turf in empty city blocks and sticking a bench or 2 in them would be a great way to promote people getting out of their offices/houses into community spaces.

Add the odd basket ball ring or even bbq to the equation and get people socialising within the city limits rather than suburbs and Park Lands. There are plenty of unused baron concrete blocks that could be much better used.

Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

The north-western quadrant contains an exciting sculptural play space, close to the City centre, providing a respite for busy shoppers and children. Keep an eye out for ultra-cool food trucks and plenty of city workers chowing down throughout weekday lunch times.

In the north west corner there is also a head-turning playground, where giant fishbones, footwear, taps and hoses have been turned into a unique playground area.

What's happening in the park lands?