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Accurate signage at the junctions of bike paths and roads
Suggested By Adrienne Via 5000+
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Bike-only paths are a joy for many cyclists who wish to avoid traffic, but most of these are poorly signposted, particularly around the Parklands and Linear Park. It's not easy to be pulling out your bike map or phone at every exit or path intersection to try to work out where you are, which staircase you may have to lug your bike up, or where an unknown bike path might end up.

Occasionally you'll see a Park Lands map, with general information, but frequently no useful advice on where you are, or what side streets are nearby. It feels as if the assumption is that the sanctioned use for these bikeways are family outings on weekends, or commuters who awkwardly figure out one route and stick to it.

So please, some better wayfinding solutions for those without cars, who want the chance to choose their route quickly and easily!