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Dedicated theatre/cinema showing plays/films from the Secondary English curriculum
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A purpose-built facility (or refurbished theatre) at a central location in the CBD, complete with glass-walled soundproofed classrooms for the presentation of plays and films from the English curriculum. Attendance could be free for school groups and a modest fee for the general public.

Presented by a dedicated theatre company, funded from public ticket sales, sponsorship and Dept of Education funding. The company could, potentially, also tour regional centres. This would promote the study of English, enhance the appeal of the curriculum and promote the arts with a permanent high-profile presence in the city.

As this is for the public good, in the absence of an alternative suitable site, the theatre could be built underground in, for example, Victoria Square or Hindmarsh Square.

Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

The north-western quadrant contains an exciting sculptural play space, close to the City centre, providing a respite for busy shoppers and children. Keep an eye out for ultra-cool food trucks and plenty of city workers chowing down throughout weekday lunch times.

In the north west corner there is also a head-turning playground, where giant fishbones, footwear, taps and hoses have been turned into a unique playground area.

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