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November Festival – New Aboriginal Cultural Festival
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The idea would be to build on the Spirit festival, however, move it from being a weekend lost amongst the Fringe to giving it the entire month of November.

The festival could hold traditional dances and dreamtime storytelling, but also contemporary works in performance and visual arts. For something completely different why not include some fusion events like a Shakespeare play given in an Aboriginal language, etc.

With no obvious contender as Australia’s premier Aboriginal cultural festival, this is somewhere Adelaide could really create a niche for itself. Not only would it draw many international tourists who want exposure to the world’s oldest living culture, it would help modern Australia celebrate its indigenous heritage.

Rymill Park/ Murlawirrapurka (Park 14)

Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka is one of the Adelaide Park Lands most used parks. Its features include the Rymill Park lake and kiosk. It is also home to a playground, BBQ facilities and a rose garden.

Several major events are hosted in the park across the year including the Adelaide Fringe, Clipsal 500 and Tour Down Under.

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