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Relocate Adelaide High School to soon-to-be vacated RAH site
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Adelaide High School should be the state's flagship school. While still a prominent school, unfortunately it is more of a catchment school than anything else. Adelaide High should become a selective school, similar to Melbourne High School and others interstate, where the best and brightest are selected and are provided with the best environment for education as possible, especially for those whose families would not be able to afford private education. The RAH site will be an excellent location, being on Adelaide's cultural boulevard, and adjacent Adelaide University and UniSA City East.

Tampawardli (Park 24)

Tampawardli (Park 24) is located where the Ellis Park soccer fields and event space can be found. A recent upgrade of event space at the rear of the soccer pitches has seen this area have an increased ability to host a multitude of events such as Cirque de Soleil.

This park also contains several sporting fields, tennis courts, the Adelaide Park Lands trail, and is the grounds for the Adelaide High School.

What's happening in the park lands?