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Build refuge islands on major pedestrian crossings so the infirmed, disabled and elderly can cross safely
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With Adelaide's wonderfully wide roads, its a common sight to see aged pedestrians or people on crutches hobbling as fast as they can to cross roads at pedestrain lights yet still holding up the traffic while they complete the crossing. All major pedestrian crossings should have a refuge/safety island half way across with another signal button. It keeps people safe, doesn't hold up the traffic, and means the infirmed or aged don't have to get stressed trying to cross a major intersection. One of the best examples of a safety island is crossing Wakefield St at Victoria Square, however safety islands don't need to be that spacious.

Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga

Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga is Adelaide’s geographic centre. Located at the crossroads of King William and Grote-Wakefield Streets, the Square is a main thoroughfare between the city’s north-south and east-west corridors. Thousands of South Australians use Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga, either as pedestrians or commuters, each day.

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