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Complete the tram loop to a southwestern parklands stadium
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Here's my vision... Run the tram down North Tce, turning into West Tce / Anzac Highway, past a new covered Docklands style stadium that should be built on the parklands that are only used for carparking on the corner of Anzac Highway and Greenhill Road opposite the showgrounds, down Greenhill Rd and join up again at King William Road. Build a multi storey carpark on those old broken up netball courts on Anzac Highway and you have your stadium, parking for The Show and the stadium and park and drive for commuters and the interstate rail terminal, and a tram that serves both suburban and city users. Add a pedestrian overpass from the stadium to a train station under the bridge and you have a tick in every box!

Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22)

Wikaparntu Wirra (Park 22) is the home of 20 netball courts. The courts are used by over 200 teams through the year with an estimated 188,000 people utilising the courts for school and amateur netball games. 

What's happening in the park lands?