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Build an off-leash dog park in the city parklands
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Utilise part of one of Adelaide's many parklands for an off-leash dog park. This would be great for people living in the city with dogs that don't get much room to play, and would also make a great centralised meeting place for people that want to get together with friends and let their dogs have a play.

Many of the dog parks in South Australia are also lacking when it comes to grass and greenery, I'm sure an off-leash park closer to the city could do much better in this regard.

Rymill Park/ Murlawirrapurka (Park 14)

Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka is one of the Adelaide Park Lands most used parks. Its features include the Rymill Park lake and kiosk. It is also home to a playground, BBQ facilities and a rose garden.

Several major events are hosted in the park across the year including the Adelaide Fringe, Clipsal 500 and Tour Down Under.

What's happening in the park lands?