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Little markets, One big fair
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There was an earlier suggestion about relocating the Adelaide Farmers' Markets from the Showground to the Riverbank. While I disagree with that suggestion, it has prompted me to think about all the other smaller markets that struggle to stay afloat.

In the CBD alone we have the Gilles Street Market, Boat Shed Market, former Rundle St Markets, and the Adelaide Central Markets. There may be others I don't know of. With the exclusion of the Central Markets, I'd love to see all these smaller markets joining forces into one major weekend marketplace that combines cheap trinkets with higher end goods. By getting them to work together, it will help improve their sales and offer buyers a better expeience and a more worthwhile trip into the city.

If the Farmers' Market or Central Market add to the event with a few produce stalls, then all the more better! Throw in a band and buskers and you have a vibrant weekend fair along the riverbank with the Popeye and paddle boats adding to the fun.

Tarntanya Wama (Park 26)

Tarntanya Wama (Park 26) is the home of the newly redeveloped, world class Adelaide Oval. The re-developed oval hosts many major sporting events throughout the year including AFL games from the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Football Club, cricket matches, soccer games and events such as concerts from the Rolling Stones.

This park is also the home of Elder Park and the Torrens lake. The area is a hive of activity for cycling, running and walking. It also hosts several major events throughout the year including Carols by Candlelight and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

What's happening in the park lands?