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New Parklands
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Regarding the condition and environment of the River Torrens Linear Park, specifically the area between South and Hardys Road and North of Ashwin Parade on the Southern side of the river.

This is a huge area which is less than 4kms from the city, running right next to the banks of our city's most important waterway there exists a huge expanse of factories.

Now that the Brickworks and Kings Reserve area are about to be redeveloped, surely the time has now come to re-evaluate the wisdom of having these factories in this area.

This area is less than 4kms from the city in such a wonderful, exciting, cosmopolitan suburb that Torrensville is, right next to a (potentially) beautiful part of the River Torrens linear park, the area could be turned into parklands as well as a medium density, high quality residential area.

In other words, It is time for the factories to go.

I call upon the West Torrens City Council and the State Government to implement a plan to aquire this very important land so that it may be redeveloped into the beautiful parkland area that we all know it can and should be.

Bonython Park/ Tulya Wardli (Park 27)

Bonython Park/Tulya Wardli is one of the most popular parks in the Adelaide Park Lands. It plays host to many events across the year including major music festivals.

The playgrounds within this park are unique. The hamster wheel, rope climbing frame and swings are just some of the many attractions that will keep children interested for hours on end. 

What's happening in the park lands?