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Extend train services to Hindmarsh Square
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Adelaide, is Australia's 5th largest city in terms of population. Yet we're the only city with more than a million people that has not built underground rail.

Once they're all electrified, trains should go underground into the CBD, Hindmarsh square would be a good start.

Hindmarsh Square would be the most successful because of the following reasons: close to Rundle Mall, Rundle Street (shopping/entertainment), the east end market place, the aboriginal art gallery (i forget the name of), the Adelaide CBD, University of Adelaide/SA-city east campus, Botanic Gardens, O'bahn buses and all east-west bus routes.

But i think ultimatly the goal should be, underground rail at all of the city squares by 2050. With major transfer stations at the existing North tce station, a new South Tce station and a redeveloped Keswick interstate station.

There should be some kind of action on this by the 2020s at the latest. Even though it's likely to cost billions, i think the cost of not doing it would be far greater.

Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

The north-western quadrant contains an exciting sculptural play space, close to the City centre, providing a respite for busy shoppers and children. Keep an eye out for ultra-cool food trucks and plenty of city workers chowing down throughout weekday lunch times.

In the north west corner there is also a head-turning playground, where giant fishbones, footwear, taps and hoses have been turned into a unique playground area.

What's happening in the park lands?