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Park 3 – Artscape: Statue Park - Turn Park 3 in the Parklands into an open air art gallery featuring many statues.
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The gallery could be divided into different sections that focus on specific types of statues. For example one section could be dedicated to statues exploring the human form. Another could be dedicated to commemorating admirable South Australians to inspire the population of what can be achieved by growing up/living in SA, e.g. Andy Thomas first Australian in space. There could also be a children’s section with statues of well-known children’s characters. New works could be added to the gallery on a periodic basis. Once the park is full of works, older works could be moved to alternate locations throughout the parklands and city, spreading art throughout Adelaide. The artscape would be a tourist attraction for the parklands and the city, and further support Adelaide's claim as the arts and cultural capital of Australia.

Kantarilla (Park 3)

Kantarilla (Park 3) contains an abundance of native vegetation. While there are no permanent facilities in this park, it is a designated off-leash area for dogs, meaning you can bring your pooch and let them stretch their legs at will. 

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