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Fill the desolate sections of the Parklands with suitable attractions.
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The Parklands are conceptionally one of the greatest aspects of Adelaide and the fact they surround the entire CBD makes the city unique in the world. There are many wonderful places in the Parklands but there are also some very underutilized areas, scrub like in places, that are uninviting and rarely visited. Thus I proposed that these areas of the Parklands be focused upon for improvement. This might include more international gardens like the Himenji Gardens, open air art galleries, native flora and fauna settings, community gardens and imaginatively designed play spaces. I think developing a plan for the entire Parklands is important so that each park interacts harmoniously with those around it and the Parklands as a whole. The Parklands, if enhanced suitably, have the potential to enrich the lives of all Adelaideans and become Adelaide’s iconic tourist attraction, showing the world how we live, breath and play. Please see my other posts for more details on what individual parks could become.

Kangatilla (Park 4)

Distinctly similar to the neighbouring Kantarilla (Park 3), it is significantly larger and shares the similar features of native vegetation and substantial open areas which are designated off-leash zones for dogs. 

What's happening in the park lands?