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"Bike only minutes" or "bike time" morning and at night on a couple of CBD roads
Suggested By Jim Via 5000+
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What if we had two of our narrower CBD roads, one running east west and another north south that were closed for cars (bike only) for ten to fifteen minutes at morning and night. This would give cyclist a safe window of opportunity to clear or enter the city in rush hour. And if the narrower roads were chosen carefully I don't think it would have a major in pact on normal traffic. These roads could be controlled by red "car" and green "bike" traffic lights.

Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

The north-western quadrant contains an exciting sculptural play space, close to the City centre, providing a respite for busy shoppers and children. Keep an eye out for ultra-cool food trucks and plenty of city workers chowing down throughout weekday lunch times.

In the north west corner there is also a head-turning playground, where giant fishbones, footwear, taps and hoses have been turned into a unique playground area.

What's happening in the park lands?