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King William Street Subway
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The MATS 1968 plan envisioned that the train lines be extended underground from the Adelaide Railway Station to run underneath King William Street, and reconnect with the Noarlunga and Belair lines at the Goodwood Junction.

It had stops at Rundle Mall, Victoria Square and City South.

We should revive this idea, as more people will take advantage of using trains as a means of public transport which takes them right to the heart of the City and drops passengers off at the doorstep of key City locations and attractions.

Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga

Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga is Adelaide’s geographic centre. Located at the crossroads of King William and Grote-Wakefield Streets, the Square is a main thoroughfare between the city’s north-south and east-west corridors. Thousands of South Australians use Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga, either as pedestrians or commuters, each day.

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