Idea #837
Introduce a rigourous and long-term tree succession policy
Suggested By Michael Seager Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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There needs to be a proper and long term policy in place to plan for eventual replenishment of trees with like-for-like species - and in a similar location. If this is left too late, when a major tree dies or become unsafe, its passing leaves an jarring gap in the natural landscape. But if succession planting is done early enough, the new tree will already be semi-mature when the old one is removed, maintaining the character of the Park Lands as well as ensuring shade provision. It is not enough just to quote numbers of new trees planted. A London Plane tree on the edge of a Square is NOT equivalent to a 100-year old tree lost elsewhere in mature Park Lands. Replenishment needs to be like-with-like and in a similar location. And, given what we now know about skin and the dangers of sun damage, there is surely a strong argument for planting ADDITIONAL TREES in the Park Lands, in addition to succession planning, to increase the shade available and encourage outdoor gatherings and picnics, even in the strongest sun!