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Educating young minds on the value of the Park Lands
Suggested By Michael Seager Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The fact that the Park Lands have survived since their first founding over a century and a half ago has been due to generations of SA people who have loved and treasured them - and be willing to protect them for what they are - a State treasure for all to enjoy and learn from. Let's build that appreciation in the hearts and minds of our children too through a targeted programme of booklets, websites, audio-visuals, classroom lessons and discussions, and in-the-Park-Lands lessons and practical projects. That way kids will learn to love the Park Land for what they are - a unique natural resource on the very doorstep of our capital city. So, NO NEED for misplaced and potentially damaging physical "activation" of the Park Lands, especially intrusive infrastructure. Instead let's activate our kids' long term awareness and appreciation - and ensure the Park Lands make their 200th Anniversary and beyond unscathed!