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experience forest
Suggested By Eutrice Farwick Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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It's a concept that is pretty easy, a big park, maybe all around as they are connected in the city :) is made as natural as possible with a trail that the people have to follow and on their trail they can do all sorts of exciting things like, walking over tree logs to pass the river, or hop over stones in water, climb, walk through little rivers, mud, jump walls, walk over fallen trees, there are so many ways to make a trail exciting for children and adults alike, with a gold coin donation, an explanation that its all on own risk but signs with water depth etc it could be a wonderful experience for young and old walking through a natural enviroment like that, i am sure this will be a major atraction, better make sure you have enough parking space lol this is one ;) I would go there and im sure my kids would want to go every week ;) let me know what you think?