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Community Gardens
Suggested By Greg Martin Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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At the moment there is only one community garden in the Parklands – Walyo Yerta Community Garden – in Veale Gardens (Park 21) in the south Parklands. It has proved to be a great success with locals and passers-by. One member described it as "an open-air community centre". What I'd like to see is more community gardens in the Parklands. As more people move into the city, they will be looking for opportunities to garden, particularly if they now live in an apartment or townhouse with only a small courtyard. A community garden offers the chance to meet and socialise with your neighbours, learn or offer your knowledge of gardening to others, and have access to freshly-grown produce. At Walyo Yerta it also provides a socialising opportunity for parkland users who happen to walk by. Most stop and talk about the garden. Everyone wins with community gardens. So lets see more in the Parklands.