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Chinese Gardens
Suggested By Aaron Duff Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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The Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide would like to put forward the idea of establishing a traditional Chinese garden in the parklands. By complementing the Himeji Gardens which celebrates the sister city agreement with the Japanese city of the same name, a traditional Chinese garden could add more culture and flavour to the parklands and celebrate the sister city relationship with Qingdao.

It would be great if such a garden was established in one of the parks in the southern parklands as 1. it is just a short walk from the Japanese gardens and creates an even stronger case as a destination, 2. many ethnic Chinese live around that area 3. the City of Unley has expressed preliminary interest in supporting such a venture should it be close to their constituents.

The Confucius Institute will be supporting Mr. David Reid, an Adelaide artist based in China to come to Adelaide in 2016 to give an exhibition on traditional Chinese gardens and it would be great if we could tie this altogether somehow.

The Confucius Institute would be a supporter for the establishment of the gardens (possibly providing some limited financial backing) and we have the idea to run a number of excursions for school children and others at the gardens teaching Chinese culture and giving cultural workshops such as tai-chi in its surrounds.

Aaron Duff, Executive Officer Confucius Institute, University of Adelaide

Pityarrilla (Park 19)

Pityarrilla (Park 19) is a one of the most utilised parks in the southern Park Lands. Containing several sporting facilities the park is regularly used by the Adelaide City Soccer Club.

This park also contains the Marshmallow Park playground which offers children an exciting and unique play experience. It also offers a great location for families as it contains BBQ, seating and toilet facilities.

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