Idea #816
Contemplation Reflection Garden for new RAH
Suggested By Garry Morrison Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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A garden that encourages contemplation, reflection, comfort and healing. A garden that can assist with the healing of patients and visitors to the new RAH. A garden that will act much like the Botanic Gardens did for the old RAH. The existing sporting clubrooms could be converted into a contemplation/healing centre/cafe/etc.

Narnungga (Park 25)

Narnungga (Park 25) is the home of many features and activities that make it one of the West Park Lands most used parks.

This park features several multi-purpose sporting fields used by people from all over the metropolitan area for sports such as AFL, cricket, lacrosse, and tennis. The Park Lands trail winds its way through this park providing opportunities for cycling, running and walking. 

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