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Get the public more excited about greening up Adelaide
Suggested By David Via 5000+
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People nowadays are aware of things like climate change, pollution and the need for a greener lifestyle, but a lot of people still see any sort of change with a lot of negativity.

I've noticed a lot of campaigns designed to change people's views on these matters really only seem to affect people that are already on the team. Preaching to the choir, if you will.

I propose launching campaigns that are directed at the general public, to try to promote some enthusiasm and positive buzz around green lifestyles. Not just another poster campaign that people can ignore, but something more interesting and possibly interactive.

Maybe fill the Adelaide Train Station with foliage for a week? Set up some temporary vertical gardens throughout the CBD? Have volunteers approach businesses and give out flowers or plants to promote greening up the work environment? Maybe they would be like "hey this plant on my desk thing is kinda cool, we should have plants everywhere!"

Let's get people more excited! (and no, this isn't just an excuse for me to get free plants, but that would be nice too)