Idea #761
Stop the loss of Park Lands
Suggested By Gunta Groves Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Without comprehensive protection, the Adelaide Park Lands will continue to be whittled away by governments and commercial interests. Open and accessible space for all community users has been disappearing over time, and will continue to disappear if we don’t change the management and protection model. The Park Lands Management Strategy should incorporate in its mission statement the setting up of a Park Lands Trust, which was what the people wanted when they were consulted in the prelude to creating the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005. A whopping 68% preferred an independent statutory trust to manage the Park Lands. Only 30% wanted the current model which has been shown to be inadequate in the face of political and development pressures. All the wonderful ideas submitted here will be pointless if there is no open and freely accessible space left.