Idea #754
More walking/cycling trails enhanced with increased plantings of a variety of native plants
Suggested By Chris Braham Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Currently the paths along the River Torrens and Bonython Park in particular are a very popular resource for those of us who want to maintain fitness and socialise with friends and family at the same time. These paths are an important physical and mental health resource. The parklands could be better used if there were more such trails enhanced with a variety of creative plantings of native plants and picnic tables. With skilful designs, the walks could thread throughout the parklands creating beautiful vistas and would also offer an additional tourist attraction. Such plantings would also attract more of our beautiful native birds to the area which would be an additional appeal to tourists. The photo below was taken on one of many and regular walks in the parklands. My idea would also fit in additional categories of Tourism and Health.