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Park Lands walks
Suggested By Samantha Walls Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I think it would be great to have Parkland Walks educating people on the biodiversity, plant identifications, history (ie. previous use of the parklands) and also Kaurna walks. From speaking with pre-school teachers who are interested in nature play I think walks like this which can be tailored to 2-4 years olds, primary school, high school and even adults would be very popular and would give bushland volunteers who often have masters in environmental management an opportunity to gain experience in dealing with groups of people and sharing their knowledge of plants and the environment.

Just like the park lands in San Francisco they have big attractions like a Science Museum and planetarium. When I was lucky enough to visit this amazing city I dedicated a whole day to go to their park lands and check out the museum as well as higher a pedal powered gold buggy to ride around the park on for an hour or two. Although their were major roads intersecting the parklands they made sure their were safe passage for cyclists and golf buggy users to get to other sections of the park.