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Suggested By Melissa Hellwig Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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A large scale Earth Art sculpture park. Either permanent or temporary. Preferably spreading out from a central core to all over the parklands. We first saw one like this in Hamilton Botanic Gardens in Canada in 2008. The works were deeply embedded in the bush, so invited people to explore and spend time in places they would not normally go to for any purpose. Visitors also came to spend time watching works be created. See this link

Nils Udo was one of the international artists.

Tuthangga (Park 17)

Tuthangga (Park 17) is home to a wide range of sporting fields and facilities, including several cricket, soccer and touch football fields as well as tennis courts that are used by a wide variety of clubs across the entire year.

This park also contains an abundance of native vegetation that is bisected by paths and trails that allow people to explore the park in any direction.

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