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An all encompassing 'signage in the park lands' charter.
Suggested By Suzie gardiner Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Whilst I absolutely love the beautiful new directional and name of place signage that is appearing through the park lands at present,with the combination of wood,the simple leaf metal shape all understated but at the same time very effective,it is all the other signage that worries me. This other signage varies from bus shelters,market/fete signs to sporting club and school signage. I just feel that if some rules and guidelines were set down for the whole of the park lands area there would then be a frame work within which any new signage could fit. This being so there is some consistency and a guide for future signage.What I have noticed in the past few years are the bus shelters on park land next to busy roads all having double sided advertising 1.5 x2.5 at least in size,whether driving cycling or walking in these areas where I know I appreciate uninterrupted views across the park.My concern here is also if these are allowed now ,how big in the future?and are there guidelines and rules in place now as it worries me that we could end up with even bigger signage,imagine billboards in the middle of Pakapakanthi ! Other trending signage of some concern is the croquet club on glen Osmond road continuation,here they have a fixed park land style sign ,a large homemade croquet sign on the chain link fence near the club rooms and then on weekends there are 2 temporary signs on glen Osmond and green hill roads along with Bali style tall flag signs ,all promoting croquet.All very well to promote the wonderful game but to make the parklands look like a sale yard is very upsetting when that club should be sitting quietly within the park. There are many examples that I have witnessed,too many to list but my message is signage should be kept to a minimum and be well thought out and for this to happen we need a guideline or charter for the present and the future of the park lands if that is what we want them to remain and not a sale yard.