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Regular evening activities at North Terrace cultural institutions
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Support/ encourage a range of early evening activities at North Terrace cultural institutions like the museum, art gallery, state library. These should be diverse vibrant activities, performances, dance parties, exciting talks, short/one night courses held in foyers, food festivals, themed events aimed at city workers to encourage people to get into the cultural precinct after hours. Think about what people of a working age are looking for in an entertainment option, and how this can sync in with the strengths of those collections. Examples are Jurassic Lounge at Australian Museum in Sydney, Art After Dark at NGV, Federation Square events.

We have 'Departure' occasionally at the Art Gallery, but this needs to be supported to happen consistently and regularly to stimulate a culture of going to these places for these kinds of events. (Think Garden of Unearthly Delights in March, people go even if they don't know what is on).

Get the kind of crowds and atmosphere that we had during 'Northern Lights' on North Terrace on a regular basis.

Karrawirra (Park 12)

Karrawirra (Park 12) is the home of the Peace Park, which contains a monument as a tribute to those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

It is also the location of several sporting fields, as well as the linear trail which travels adjacent to the River Torrens and is popular for cycling, running and walking.

What's happening in the park lands?