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Pathways to pursuits
Suggested By David Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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this park has a lot to offer but it is poorly organised with only one good path, others fair but not maintained and some paths on popular routes non existent. There is no clear and fully paved bike path from Jeffcot and Barton corner to anywhere and the path south from Braund Rd is poorly connected at junctions. Generally it caters poorly for cyclists and provides a very low level of amenity except for the swim centre and playground. This park needs its own Masterplan for movement, use, investement, watering, club rooms and lighting. It is a poor cousin to, say, CBC Oval or the eastern parklands in general for no logical reason.

Pardipardinyilla (Park 2)

Pardipardinyilla (Park 2) is the home of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. The centre has 3 pools to cater for all swimmers from casual to the serious, a gym, party hire rooms and a café.

This park is also home to the popular ‘Bush Magic’ playground, an off-leash dog area as well as public cricket and tennis facilities for those who are looking to play a casual game.

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