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safe space to learn to ride a bike
Suggested By Reb Rowe Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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In Nantu Wama (park 6) is an under-utilised corner at kingston and le fevre. Given the number of families in this area and the proximity to bike paths as well as play grounds, schools and the city, this little corner could be rearranged to a park where people, with an emphasis on children, can learn how to ride a bike and the road rules that influence bikes and cars. This will foster greater understanding of each other on the roads for future generations. This idea requires the trees to stay so the tracks would be curved and therefore the area would remain a low speed environment.

Nantu Wama (Park 6)

Nantu Wama (Park 6) is the last remaining location for horse and pony activities in the Park Lands. Contained within the park are depasturing paddocks which people can lease out to keep their horses.

This park also contains a range of amenities and facilities, including the popular ‘Helicopter Park’ playground which offers children an exciting play experience.

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