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women in parklands
Suggested By Reb Rowe Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Foster opportunities that bring women in to actively use the parklands. Lighting supports safety which is an important aspect in how women choose to use spaces. Opportunities where parents can be active with their children and activities that are year-round (community gardening, the horse facilities, exercise and play/nature-scapes) bring people at all times of the day which is great for safe spaces.

Nantu Wama (Park 6)

Nantu Wama (Park 6) is the last remaining location for horse and pony activities in the Park Lands. Contained within the park are depasturing paddocks which people can lease out to keep their horses.

This park also contains a range of amenities and facilities, including the popular ‘Helicopter Park’ playground which offers children an exciting play experience.

What's happening in the park lands?