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Light and Shade
Suggested By Di Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Light Square should pay respects to Colonel Light by having beautiful lights - fairy lights, light shows, display lights (Whitmore Square is a great example), light trees from below, project images into tree - whilst being practical and adding a security element by lighting up the square at night. In the Light of day, it would be great to have seating and shade options to enjoy the square further - and BBQs would be a great way to encourage local residents into the square.

And art - I saw an amazing photographic exhibition in Hyde Park in Sydney where the canvases were strung up between the trees and it was a people's choice competition

Light Square/ Wauwi

The Surveyor of Adelaide, Colonel William Light, has his grave and memorial in the centre of this Square. This is a State Heritage Place in recognition of the importance of his contribution to the City of Adelaide, which is now a National Heritage Place “The Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout”.

There are also events held in this Square including the annual ceremony in celebration of Light’s birthday.

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