Idea #716
Create a restful beautiful parkland oasis in the West End quadrant of Adelaide.
Suggested By John Kirkwood Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I would like to see Light Square Park converted into a small heavily planted garden parkland,secured by a simple fence around its whole perimeter with perhaps four access gates at the SE,SW,NE,NW corners.This parkland could then be used as a secure,safe,quiet & peaceful park for local community &/or other pedestrians.The park could be equipped with bench seats along pathways through a garden of trees,shrubs.There would be enough space to include a small children's playground& perhaps a couple of table tennis tables or other simple game activity.Such a park would be a welcome relief for workers,residents & other pedestrians. Whilst there are spaces of this sort in all other quadrants of Adelaide City,there is no such relaxing space within the whole of of the North West city quadrant. Surely Colonel Light as the visionary designer of Adelaide's park land city deserves a more appropriate resting place than the existing rough grass patch that is currently used as just another common events ground.

Light Square/ Wauwi

The Surveyor of Adelaide, Colonel William Light, has his grave and memorial in the centre of this Square. This is a State Heritage Place in recognition of the importance of his contribution to the City of Adelaide, which is now a National Heritage Place “The Adelaide Park Lands and City Layout”.

There are also events held in this Square including the annual ceremony in celebration of Light’s birthday.

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