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victoria square= oversize TWISTER, CHESS and pavement restaurants
Suggested By michelle Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I suggest getting rid of the slip ways for taxis and buses on the NW and SE corner and move them back onto the main drag. Extending the pavement across the space created and having a ring of restaurants and nightclubs around vic square. Phasing the lights at night to favour pedestrians. putting in an oversize TWISTER, CHESS and DRAUGHTS game boards - these can light up at night but be normal paving during the day in the middle of the square. This needs to be a happening place with live music venues such as La Boheme just down Wakefield. Also have a night market in the Central Markets during summer etc.

Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga

Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga is Adelaide’s geographic centre. Located at the crossroads of King William and Grote-Wakefield Streets, the Square is a main thoroughfare between the city’s north-south and east-west corridors. Thousands of South Australians use Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga, either as pedestrians or commuters, each day.

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