Idea #715
Regular Art Market
Suggested By Mike Barr Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Adelaide has the Fringe and the Festival but lacks a regular outdoor art market. Such a market would bring vibrancy to the city where ever it is held. Perhaps Hindmarsh square or even next to the Torrens near the Festival Centre. Artists could rent small marquees to show and sell their wares. Galleries are shutting down around Adelaide and it is now time to give artists a venue that is in touch with the people. In conjunction with food stalls it would be a inviting proposition. Adelaide could become known for its famous art market as well as its Festival of Arts. Monthly between September and April.

Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

The north-western quadrant contains an exciting sculptural play space, close to the City centre, providing a respite for busy shoppers and children. Keep an eye out for ultra-cool food trucks and plenty of city workers chowing down throughout weekday lunch times.

In the north west corner there is also a head-turning playground, where giant fishbones, footwear, taps and hoses have been turned into a unique playground area.

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