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Quiet Space, as small public buildings in the Parklands
Suggested By LUCY crawford sandison Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Quiet spaces are buildings and landscapes specifically designed for quiet relaxation. Provisions can also be made for prayer, relaxation video art, and plug in areas for headphones/ music. They can be designed as one or two communal spaces, or have more individual spaces within or around them. The forms of the buildings could be 'landscape inspired', for example using earth berms or organic forms, or specifically relating to a landscape's atmosphere. The Japanese garden on South terrace is already a lovely quiet space, but it does not have an internal space, where you can relax out of the weather. Any quiet space buildings should be small and allow the landscape to be integral, and could be either managed by a park cafe (eg Rymill park cafe) or through a meter entry system with a swipe card or payment to cover upkeep. These facilities would be greatly valued by employees, to reduce stress at work, and by others seeking relaxation. Places close to denser employment areas, denser residentail areas, and already well visited parks,(eg the Botanic gardens), would be the best places to install quiet spaces, although eventually they should be more extensively part of the public fabric of the city.

Rymill Park/ Murlawirrapurka (Park 14)

Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka is one of the Adelaide Park Lands most used parks. Its features include the Rymill Park lake and kiosk. It is also home to a playground, BBQ facilities and a rose garden.

Several major events are hosted in the park across the year including the Adelaide Fringe, Clipsal 500 and Tour Down Under.

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