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An outdoor roller derby track in the parklands
Suggested By Lana Vickridge-Smith Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In Adelaide alone there are 5 established clubs (and counting!) who are passionate about promoting and encouraging the sport. Each year there are more people strapping on skates to learn how to play.

At present Roller Derby enthusiasts when wanting to skate have no designated area just of their own. They skate along the beach paths or the trails provided by the councils but that only improves their fitness.

With more and more people wanting to take up the sport I see it becoming harder for people to truly get involved with limited resources available. With the support of the council I propose that a permanent concrete roller derby track be laid.

Here is an example of an Outdoor Track that has been laid in Queensland.

Having an outdoor space available to the public would help raise the profile of the sport as well as help roller derby skaters improve their skating abilities all year around. It would help the local clubs grow and become more competitive to their peers interstate. It would be a great place for young and old to come and share their love of the sport.