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More events in Whitmore Square/ Iparrityi
Suggested By Cindy Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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More events to draw the local community together: small scale music shows, local handmade market, kids plays, community picnic day, a Neighbour Day event, or something like Dusk Dances (one of my favourite events in Toronto, Canada)

Good advertising in the local area of events is key. I have noticed events pop up in the square but as a local resident I haven't seen any promotion of it in the immediate area and therefore had not planned to attend.

Whitmore Square/ Iparrityi

Whitmore Square / Iparrityi has a great local flavour and is utilised frequently by the passionate south west community. With local cafes nearby and the bustling Gouger Street and Central Market precinct less than a block away, don't be surprised to be tempted by delicious world flavours as you play on 3-on-3 basketball court or use the supersized chess board.

What's happening in the park lands?