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Nature trails
Suggested By Tristan O'Brien Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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It's been great to see the expansion of native vegetation within the parklands over the last few years, especially with a focus on retaining biodiversity. However, these areas do not seem to be very accessible (to me, perhaps others know more about these areas than I do). To increase their value, I believe that a network of 'Nature Trails' within the remnant vegetation and newer vegetation would encourage people to use them. Features of these trails would include: * Extensive signage, detailing the historical natural features of the region, iconic sites, and the council's plans to improve biodiversity * Benches, small cul-de-sacs on the path edges where people can linger in the shade, play chess or other games, or read a book * Photo points with an adjacent sign containing historical imagery to demonstrate the changing vegetation over time

Kurangga (Park 20)

Kurangga (Park 20) is a diverse park. It is the home of the Glover playground and contains BBQ facilities, public toilets and shaded seating areas making it an ideal location for families.

This park also contains the only designated BMX track in the Park Lands.

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