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Suggested By Richard Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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There are so many needs for the community to be able to use and take part in, in an outdoor environment which should be our city's asset. Areas put aside for Tai Chi and many other spiritual practices. Health trainers are increasing and perhaps work-out areas ( i.e. adult play grounds)could be put aside for this. Bird gardens ;dog parks ; cat parks ! ;chess boards ;aboriginal natural shelters ;bike and jogging routes ; a st.Kilds style childrens park including rock climbing and other attractions ;vistas and promenades akin to capability brown yet indiginous/mediterranean. ;mediterranean bird and butterfly gardens ;sculptured gardens ;edible/productive plantations and perhaps community produce gardens ( including bee-hives) ;Maze or interactive playground, I think you had mentioned. The issues with the homeless and aborigines are difficult.Perhaps in a remote area i.e.below West tce cemetary dense low canopy trees could provide a more natural form of shelter rather than structures which become demolished and delapidated.If there is a wet area, the Melaleuca halmaturorum is perfect for a natural setting. There are no large services (anywhere)for a dog to run free without fear of losing it on a busy road.Beagles,whippets and greyhounds are always on a lead. There is a need to display drought tolerant and beautiful plants more than just the poor work at the ABG! Garden societies could be given opportunity to experiment in areas,with supervision and set standards. i.e.roses could be done formally like the Rosarie De La Hay in Paris with select drought tolerant and heritage sp.Many roses survive in cemetaries without water.The heritage and other rose societies would love to be put to task with a project like this. Natve grasses are on the move and many would be keen to put this area to use and perhaps amalgamate with the other garden societies in their projects.