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Running Track thats not bitumen
Suggested By Paul Via Shape the Park Lands 2015
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I would like to see something that people can use that's relatively inexpensive to create. a running track similar to "the tan" in Melbourne around park 19 or if not park 17. a 2 kilometre track could be made around the perimeter. this would be a wide tan-coloured stone aggregate that can be shared between walkers runners and cyclists. Make this parkland into a place people feel safe and actually want to go to.

Pityarrilla (Park 19)

Pityarrilla (Park 19) is a one of the most utilised parks in the southern Park Lands. Containing several sporting facilities the park is regularly used by the Adelaide City Soccer Club.

This park also contains the Marshmallow Park playground which offers children an exciting and unique play experience. It also offers a great location for families as it contains BBQ, seating and toilet facilities.

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